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The online system provides users the unique ability to check the performance history of not just lessees and debtors, but also for vendors.  For the first time, users can identify vendors/suppliers that have a higher incidence of producing leases and loans that default (due to non-payment).  Another primary use of system is to provide early warning data that can help users avoid fraudulent activity.  For an online demo of click here (you must allow your browser to accept scripts and ActiveX from this website in order for it to work). PHYSICAL VENDOR INSPECTION

Through the combined efforts of Lease Police and Inspection Services of Salem, Oregon you can now have the due diligence you need to more fully understand both new and existing relationships. Lease Police now offers a physical vendor inspection of a vendors complete physical location. Physical address confirmation, building and location summary and interviews are all ways you can become more knowledgeable before you invest in the relationship.For the price of an average site inspection you can have a complete report with all the basic features of the Lease Police program and the added security of actually having a person onsite.

Some of information provided by the Physical Inspection Report includes:

  • Actual photos will be taken of the facility.
  • Does the actual facility correspond with industry type?
  • Does the signage match the Company activity?
  • Was the business open at the time?
  • What are the hours of operation?
  • What was the general appearance of the business?
  • Were the premises properly stocked with the appropriate type of equipment?



The Lease Police, Inc. staff is available for training and consulting services.  Training and consulting is available for fraud prevention, vendor screening, credit policy, and fraud vulnerability studies.

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